Industrial Liaison Office

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19 november 2012
New High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Protocol for Polymorph detection using Synchrotron Radiation

Dr. Livius Cotarca, Head of R&D, Zach - Zambon Chemicals  will be speaking at the Conference "Polymorphism & Crystallisation" (Prague, 19 and 20 novembre), presenting "NEW HIGH RESOLUTION X-Ray POWDER DIFFRACTION PROTOCOL FOR POLYMORPH DETECTION USING SYNCHROTRON RADIATION", developed with Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste. The measurement protocol, compliant with the cGMP regulation, take advantage of the intensity and resolution of synchrotron light radiation for polimorph detection and related applications.    

12 november 2012
Technology "Environmental Monitoring"

The technology "Environmental Monitoring" is published on Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste Industrial ...

12 november 2012
Technology "Actual Content Resolution"

The technology "Actual Content Resolution" is published on Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste ...


23 october 2013
Elettra@15° National Conference on Non Destructive Tooling for Monitoring and Diagnostic, Trieste, 23- 26th October 2013

Elettra participated at the 15th edition of the National Conference about Non Destructive Tooling for Monitoring and Diagnostic ( that took place in Trieste on 23 - October 2013. We participated with two talks, the first in the introductory session with Marco Marazzi, Industrial Liaison Office Manager of Elettra and the second in the "Technology and ...


19 september 2013
Elettra@Eco MaTech, 19- 21st September 2013

Luca Rebuffi participated at the 3rd edition of European Conference on Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Growth (, that took place in Bled (Slovenia) from 19th to 21st of September 2013, in the session “Waste and Pollution Treatment” on Friday 20 September, with a talk titled “Quantitative Measurement of PM10 by Means of X-Ray Fluorescence ...


1 july 2013
Case Study of Kyma S.r.l @National Congress of the Italian Physical Society, Triest 23-27 Sept 2013

Marco Marazzi, Technology Transfer Manager of Elettra, and Mauro Zambelli, CEO of Kyma S.r.l, will be presenting the adventure of Kyma S.r.l, spin off company of Elettra, in the section dedicated to applied physics on september 26th , 5 - 7 PM, with a talk titled " A successful technology transfer case study: Science and business on insertion devices @ Kyma".